King Wave is a surfwear label born in Western Australia, it’s main focus is the random waves that come from nowhere and stitch you up. King wave is a term used by fishermen that back dates to the early 1900’s in Albany in the southern regions of West Oz. It is a term used to describe freak waves. The West Oz coastline is a very active coast for consistently large waves and dangerous surf. Hidden where the desert meets the ocean in the North West , is a sign that reads KING WAVES KILL. It is a warning for people that use this area to be careful as there is not much chance of immediate help if you get hit by a King Wave. In recent years surfers have adopted this sign along the fisho’s. This website is the official place to get hold of a King Wave Kill Tshirt. So if you have been to the sign and want a Tshirt (“Been there got the Tshirt!”) you have found the right place to buy one. Even if you haven’t been there but think the shirt is cool, your welcome to buy one.

The logo on the Tshirts is an abstract side view of the wave in the online store, the wave is known as Cyclopse and it is out to sea off the coast of Albany. It is known as a death wave as it is too heavy to surf without the fear of eventually getting seriously hurt or killed. Around the world there are people chasing King Waves and some pay the ultimate price for taking on the ocean in its full might.Most people have had some sort of experience with a King Wave from rock fisho’s to surfers to massive ships. There is no limit to a King Wave.